Sunday, October 18, 2009

DMX fights to perform on stage

Ok, what is in the water in Colorado?! First its "Ballon Boy" and the supposed publicity stunt pulled by his parents and now this?

Here is the quick run down: DMX arrived to perform in Colorado Springs for a show, because he arrived almost 2 hours late security told him he couldn't get on stage. What happens next is what is crazy....

DMX and his crew get pissed about the change of plans and start to fight to get on stage. Security alerts DMX that if he gets on stage he will be arrested, and that is when the riot begins

I apologize for the messy camera work, not all You Tubers are handy with a camera but this is the eyes we have for now. What a mess. First off, DMX needs to calm down just a bit he just got out of jail this summer. Besides, he was pretty late to his own show. Secondly, what was eating security? Would it be such a big deal to have him perform if that is what everyone came out to see?

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