Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye West on Jay Leno

Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Rihanna appeared on the season premiere of the Jay Leno Show last night to perform their song "Run This Town". In an unplanned interview before the performance, Kanye West sat down with Jay Leno to discuss his outburst at the MTV VMA's Sunday night.

Kanye admits that his behavior was uncalled for and as he says "rude" and said he did not mean for his comments to be taken in the way that it was. He further elaborated that he did not realize the extent of his actions until after he noticed that Taylor did not continue with her winning speech (I mean..how could she? That was quite a moment Kanye).

In the interview, Jay Leno asked Kanye how his mother would feel about his actions. After being silent for what seemed like forever, Kanye responded by stating that following the event he will be taking some time off for a little self-evaluating; understandably side-stepping the question. To lighten the mood, Jay asked Kanye if he was ready to sing...real smooth Jay, real smooth.

Granted what Kanye did was childish, he clearly is sorry. How the public will take it is a very different story. Everyone enjoys throwing rocks at glass houses only because it allows them to take their minds off of their flaws and problems they have hidden in their closets.

For some strange reason, people think just because you are a "celebrity" you can't make dumb mistakes and when you do, you are not allowed to be forgiven for them; the recession sure can give way to a lot of unforgiving beings ~shrugs~. I applaud Kanye for admitting to his faults. With hope this will be the last time we see one of those tantrums.

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