Monday, August 31, 2009

Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 will leak tomorrow

So much for the "there will be no Blueprint 3 leaks". I guess if you can't beat them join them or in this case get some promotion out of it.

Jay's Blueprint 3 album will leak on MTV's "The Leak" and Rhapsody tomorrow September 1st. They are also making the album available for purchase 4 days before it's official release on Rhapsody; the album will feature two exclusive tracks.

To get your listen on, go to or MTV's "The Leak" (

While it's made available I might as well do an album review.

In addition to the album's leak, Jay will participate in a series of Rhapsody TV ads starting tomorrow. A 60-min version will air during the MTV Video Music Awards.

Despite what everyone else is saying, I am still excited about the album's release. I don't think the songs that have leaked are bad, I think it may be a little different for some people who don't like change or songs that actually make you think and listen...either that or the fact that it isn't doused with auto-tunes. If it's good, I'm good.

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