Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yummy Pics: Rihanna gets rewarded

Rihanna has been showing face with grace these past few months, slowly but surely allowing us to remember how fabulous she was before the incident between she and Chris and even her leaked nude pics. There was an event that went down last night (05.20) called the Island Def Jam Spring Collection party thrown at the Stephen Weiss Studio here in NYC. Here are the pics....

Rihanna was presented with a plaque by label chairman L.A. Reid for achieving over 12 million records sold since her debut album Music Of The Sun. I have to admit, When Rihanna first came out I didn't think she would make it. She looked too much like Beyonce and it just seemed like Def Jam were trying to have her be the second coming by emulating what they presumed to be the best. But when she stepped out of the box with her third album and switched up her style major, I was impressed and had to have a change of heart.... Though I am still not sold on her singing the girl shines in front of a camera. Every artist and celebrity has something that works for them and Rihanna's photogenic qualities will most def take her far. As for this pic and judging by how his head is tilted, I take it L.A. Reid saw her nude pics.

....and not to rain on the parade but I think I am going to have to charge Rihanna with swagger jackin'; did she totally bite off Janelle Monae's signature hairstyle?!

{Spotted at-Toya's World}

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