Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Video Premiere: Lil Kim ft. T-Pain & Charlie Wilson-Download

Here is a new video from Lil Kim featuring T-Pain and Charlie Wilson with her song "Download". I do not like this video. Straight up, I was expecting so much more from Kim.

We haven't seen her in how long and she returns with this?! Maybe it's the new face I can't seem to get past but whatever it is, something is off. I adore Lil Kim don't get me wrong but this video is not the biz. And I am so mad that Charlie Wilson even appeared in it he is too well established to show up to something that lacks pizazz.

I guess T-Pain's injury caused him to miss his appearance in the video. My question is, if you already have Charlie Wilson why even include T-Pain in the song? At any rate, it was good to see a few cameo's in the video like LisaRaye and Ray J's god sister Lil B but I was a little annoyed to see yet another bottle of this friggin Nuvo, what gives?

Video Rating: A yummy C- .

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