Monday, May 4, 2009

M.Y. Song Of The Week: Lil Mo ft. Fabolous-Forever

This week's SOTW is brought to us courtesy of Baltimore's own Lil Mo with her song "Forever" which features Fabolous. When this song came out, I must have played it every morning before I headed out to start my day, so much so that I ended up scratching the CD and using rubbing alcohol to fix the scratch did me no good.

Forever - Lil Mo Feat. Fabolous

There are some artists out today as well as some back in the day that never got the recognition they deserved, Lil Mo being one of them. She didn't fit the prototype of what an R&B artist was supposed to be by standards (she just couldn't let go of her brightly colored braids and then some) but the girls voice is amazing and unexpected. Hopefully she has something in the works so we can get another dose of the Mo.

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