Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Estelle is working on a new album!

I have been blasting "American Boy" on the pod for sometime now and it usually competes with "Wait A Minute" on which one gets first play in the AM.

Apparently, Estelle isn't as in love with her song as I and millions of others are, and is reportedly in the studio working on a new album.

"I’m sick of singing ‘American Boy,’ so we need something else,” the West London native confessed at a recent party for the fashion line ChloĆ©."- via MTV.
And according to her Twitter, she is working with John Legend and Mr. Haiti better known as Wyclef to add a little something, something to the album.

"Right now, I’m calling the whole project New London...’cause it’s kind of [about] when I moved from London to New York and when my worlds collided and everything came together.”
Estelle even gives hint that this album will be a mix of Marvin Gaye and Cold Play *I will adore her if it's more of a Marvin Gaye, you can never go wrong with a splash of Marvin*.

There is no release date for the album as of yet.

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