Friday, May 15, 2009

Artist Rumors: Is Jay-Z a diva?

Here I was thinking that Beyonce was the diva of the relationship, then Jay goes ahead to make the truth crystal clear. Apparently, Jay got a little out of hand with his list of demands for his dressing room for a show he did at the University Of Arizona. The set he headlined at the university last month earned him $750,000 but drove the people behind the scenes mad.

Included in his list of demands were two bottles of 2004 Sassicaia which was $200 a bottle, another order of two bottles of $300 champagne, Sapporo beer, vodka, tequila, martini shakers, 12 shot glasses, 1 pack of Marlboro lights, good quality peanut butter and jelly, red Italian wine, a rented Maybach, and last but most definitely not least and my favorite...a request for a dressing room with a preferred air quality of 72 degrees.

Now, I completely agree with Jay about the peanut butter and jelly being high quality; I love food and I know that the last thing you want is some caked up peanut butter with watery jelly. But what is up with almost $1000 worth of liquor?! No where on that list says bottles of water, how are you supposed to replenish your thirst on stage?

Reading Jay's list taught me two things,1. Jay is officially very high maintenance (but it is worth it he can put on a good show) and 2. I clearly need to get up on my liquor game because I had to google Sassicaia.

{Spotted at-Sandra Rose}

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