Sunday, May 17, 2009

Analyze This: Hip Hop Wives, is it really worth it?

So, I must have been living under a rock last week when they premiered the E! special Hip-Hop Wives. Some of the wives that were highlighted were Paul Walls wife, DMX's wife, Mos Def's estranged wife, and the late Big Pun's wife.

The only relationship that was normal, judging by the videos, was Paul Wall's marriage. Between DMX going in and out of prison paired with Big Puns wife getting her face smashed in here and there and lets not forget Mos Def quickly marrying an ex-stripper that had other emotional scars; the special seem to show that it isn't all what it's cut out to be.

I have to admit, I felt a little sorry for Mos' wife. Even though she came from practically nothing and made some decisions in her life that could have been wiser, beating on her is unacceptable, and might I add shocking; I didn't know Mos was that type of guy. But it got even more interesting when Big Pun's wife told her story of being a rappers wife....

At what point is it really enough? For that to be categorize as love is disheartening. Can't say that I was surprised that Pun was like that he fit the part, but to hear how horrible of a person he was to the point that his kids were happy when he was absent is a truly sad thing. Something that wasn't showed in this clip is where his wife is now. After Pun's death, she was left with nothing. She ended having to sell Pun CD's and T-Shirts and posting up shop with family members to help make ends meet. Pun left his estates with Fat Joe to do as he pleased. Since then, Pun's wife hasn't seen a penny of his royalties

Obviously the glitz and glamor of being in the public eye can take a toll on a person as well as a marriage, but can it be avoided? People say that it is just a business but it always made me question if Hip-Hop artists can stay monogamous in their relationships when there is a buffet of T&A around them day in and day out. I guess only time will tell. It's good to know that all marriages that Hip-Hop artists are in aren't as tabloid as these two.

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