Friday, April 24, 2009

Recap: Making The Band 4 Finale

The Making The Band 4 season finale premiered live last night and it was worth every second. So of course with it premiering live and raw, we got a chance as viewers to get the real skinny on what really happened in the house between the boys of Day 26 and the real reason why Danity Kane broke up.

The rumors that all of the remaining members of Danity Kane would appear on the show was the truth, well partially. Missing from the bunch was Aundrea who decided not to attend the live tapping because as Shannon said, she wanted to be with her family and loved ones after the whole ordeal. I knew that positive mumbo jumbo was a front, how could you be so layed back about the accomplishments you had and then being let go and left to fend for yourself, but whatev. Day 26 took to the stage to give two performances that were pretty good. Que sounded horrible but overall it was good to see the boys on stage pumping and gyrating. I will admit, my heart softened for Que when he wiped Dawn's tears away during the episode that premiered last week (so sweet).

Now let's get to talking about Danity Kane. As mentioned, all of the girls appeared on the "last chapter" show (minus Aundrea) to talk about their future projects and possibly getting back together. Judging by their body language and the amount of eye rolling and eye popping going on at one another, I'm going to predict that these girls don't like each other; in fact I think they have a little beef with Dawn. When the girls first came out Dawn was seated next to Aubrey but after the show went to commercial and returned, D Woods had switched seats to sit in between Dawn and Aubrey,This is of course after Aubrey made a sly remark saying that Que was a part of her fan club; coincidence? I think not. I could see through all the fake smiles and stinging sarcasm.

Stepping away from the drama, the girls had positive outlooks on their futures and are looking forward to moving on with their lives. Shannon gave hint to the fact that she might get into country singing, Aubrey says that she may be getting her very own reality show but it looks like Diddy might have to green light that (which he probably won't unless he gets his share of the profits) judging by his hellion laugh when she mentioned it (gotta read the fine print folks); Dawn of course is going solo and doing her thing, and D. Woods says that she is working on her solo project and that we should expect her new single to hit the web this summer.

I took the liberty of listing the things that I learned from watching the show last night; Day 26 just might have some staying power if Diddy decides to keep them as a group, Brian is the modern day KC from Jodeci which is probably why Diddy picked him, It isn't fun watching Diddy chew gum but it is fun to watch him dance, D. Woods can not answer a question with a simple yes or no, someone needs to talk to them boys about those tight pants and dancing in them it seems like a disaster waiting to happen, Dawn looks fierce with short hair, Shannon is packing in her backyard, and Donnie just doesn't seem to have a chance unless he becomes an underwear model or actor.

Diddy also informed that he will be kicking off another season of Making The Band searching for another all girl group that can stand the test of time ~que eye roll here~ so stay tuned for the cities and dates that he will visit for his search.

If you missed this episode you can tune in to MTV I'm sure it will be re-airing everyday; they are infamous for playing re-runs so you will always be good to go.

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