Monday, April 27, 2009

M.Y.'s open letter to Diddy

Dear Diddy,

There are some things that have been troubling me as well as some of your close and personal fans. I have been asked the same exact question time and time again from music fans and the occasional observing music listeners that are a little perplexed at the current and past situations that always involves you; and that question is, why can't artists last on Bad Boy?

Now I have to admit, when Carl Thomas went missing, I took a very solid oath that I would refrain from admiring artist that were signed under Bad Boy out of fear that if I so much as liked them, they would vanish like condoms at a brothel; but unfortunately, I let my guard down when it came to friggin' Danity Kane.

And then it happened again, you disbanded the group (although I'm sure they wouldn't want to be a part of the group judging by their attitudes during the rap-up live airing of Making The Band 4) but dammit what the hell happened?! Is Bad Boy Records kryptonite to rising artists?

I have been a self-taught "student" to the music business from the time I could speak the word "billboard" so I know that the music business can be a little shaky (remove the letters "ak" and replace with "d") and not everyone is cut out for it's harsh realities; but why is it that a good majority of your artists never make it past 2 albums? It always seems to be the same fairy tale nightmare with Bad Boy Records and the artists that sign to it. We either never hear from them again or they go on to have lukewarm careers (ahem, Slim). Everyone seems to drop off of Bad Boy like flies, except for B.I.G. (rest his soul) and...

Words can not describe the amazing music mogul you have become. You have branched out to do many things and have inspired a lot of people, even Russell Simmons himself; and because of that I have to tip my hat off to you. However, It is astonishing how people are still interested in signing to Bad Boy given your track record of dropping them like bad habits before they can even get their feet dirty in the industry. Not to mention, there are a few of your ex-artists that have gone on to write diss records towards you and a tell-all book (ahem, Mark Curry) and still you seem to continue to prosper.

On behalf of the music fans that care, we ask that you sign artists that you think are going to last more than 3 years and stick around for the long haul, it is only right. Let's start here, I am actually starting to kind of like Day 26, can you please keep them around? And you said that you will be looking for another all-girl group, can you please pick girls that can actually tolerate each other?

In case you haven't noticed, people would like to know why artists can not last on your label, so let's try twittering that.



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