Monday, April 13, 2009

M.Y. Fact: Jamie Foxx's "Blame It" belonged to....

Yung Joc. I was listening to The Ed Lover Morning Show this morning and Jamie Foxx was on the show, Jamie is hilarious by the way I adore him. Anyhow, while he was on the show he mentioned a little fact that made me go hmmmm.

Apparently, "Blame It" Jamie's hot club banger, was supposed to be Yung Joc's song, but some how some way the demo ended up on Jamie's lap. Now, Jamie assures that he did not steal it (I believe him) but more so that it was fate (M.Y. summation of course).

"Blame It" wasn't even supposed to be on the album. Jamie had a completely different vibe for the album in mind, but after consultations with some major producers (i.e. Timbaland) Jamie decided to live on the edge and think out the box, hence the emergence of "Blame It" that went on to be a staple on the club scene.

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