Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brandy returns to TV

Brandy who was well known for her stint as "Danesha Turrell" on the show Thea but more so for her starring role as "Moesha" in the show Moesha, is now returning back to the realms of TV sitcom.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Brandy will star in This Little Piggy; a comedy pilot that follows two brothers and a sister who move back in together. Brandy will play the youngest brother's high maintenance wife.

Good to see Brandy return to TV but not sure how it will work out. Brandy was a little ungrateful for the success of Moesha; getting upset when people would take her character as"Moesha" to be her true self.

Personally, I get why she would be upset simply because she wasn't anything like the character; but instead of just going with the flow, she would get all pissy when someone would compare her to the role. You never saw Will Smith get like that about his character on Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. She even said her role as "Moesha" ruined her life! Whatev, I guess she's over it and finally realized what her calling is.

No word on when the comedy sitcom will air.

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