Monday, April 13, 2009

Bow Wow bids farewell to Hip Hop

Bow Wow is ready to close the book on his so called legacy, and decided to speak to about his past and his future. What is Bow Wow's advice to the artists that remain in the music industry? He says that people need to stop worrying about selling albums and worry about being big on the Internet because that is what really matters, not record sales (that part needed reiteration).

Bow Wow why are you lying?! Why can't artists just keep it 100? If you know that you are bowing out of the game because you see that there is no longer room for you and your time has past, why not just say so?

For him to sit there and say that it's not about sales is so fake of him. 2 weeks before New Jack City Part II (that's the name of the album by the way) dropped, he was popping off at the mouth saying that his album was going to go platinum and was clowning Soulja Boy for his album flop. Turned out, Soulja Boy sold more than him!

Leave humble, don't go on talking all that cocky mumbo jumbo about you being and having this, that, and the third; that is the reason why people didn't go out and buy the album because you were talking ish your album couldn't prove.

There are many factors involved in seperating the greats from those that are wack in music and album sales are one of them. If your album is worth buying then it will sell. Alicia Keys was able to go platinum and so did T.I. amidst a recession. Why? Because their albums were actually good. If your album is filled with nonsense then yes, your album will flop. It's called giving the crowd what they want, quality material.

At any rate, congratulations to Bow Wow for having a career epiphany. Here's wishing him luck in his future endeavors.

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