Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Amy Winehouse morphs heartache into music

Amy's life is like a script right out of ABC's All My Children. Apparently, her mess of a husband Blake went ahead and impregnated a fellow rehabber while he was in rehab getting rehabilitated for a drug and alcohol problem.

Upon hearing the news, Amy grabbed her guitar and started to pen an emotional "betrayal song". The song is said to describe her roller coaster relationship with her husband Blake. Amy is currently working on an album in St. Lucia. This is good news for those of you who are still Amy Winehouse fans.

When Amy first came out, I was so excited that there was an influx in quality music being made. She had the voice of a big black woman and soul for days. Then she started to live by her last name (the lord works in mysterious ways) and became a full blown alcoholic then worst, a crack head.

I just hope she can get her stuff together and be a legit and serene artists. Then again, maybe it was her "one thread short of psychotic" life that gave way to great music because her album Back To Black was too good to be true.

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