Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Album Covers: Eminem-Relapse

The album cover for Eminem's album Relapse that is due in stores May 19th, made it's debut yesterday. I wanted to post it but wasn't sure if it was official because I hadn't received valid info on it, but it turns out it is. I like it; it is very creative and shows what the theme is for the album. The "Prescribed by Dr. Dre" and "Refills: 05.19.09" texts on the bottom left sticker adds something special to the album cover.

A lot of bloggers and websites have been comparing the album cover to T.I.'s Paper Trail album art because it resembles the theme used for T.I's collage paper portrait of his head, but I really don't see the correlation. Em clearly was doing his own thing, and I think that the decision on the album art was something that was actually thought out to go according to the album's theme. Besides, if we are going to compare it to anything let it at least be this...

Now if someone said that he might have gotten the idea from this collage made out of over 1000 M&M's of his likeness that was done by Enrique Ramos from Florida, then maybe I would believe it. It's like I said, nothing in this world is original all ideas flourish from other ideas, it only depends on how you make it your own and add your version of original.

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