Monday, February 2, 2009

Kanye West the author?!

Kanye West is gearing up to release a book chronicling the creation, a behind the scenes look and the performing aspect of his very successful and eccentric tour The Glow In The Dark Tour. According to Hip Hop DX, Kanye is teaming up with a New York Publisher that goes by the name of Rizzoli to release Kanye West Glow In The Dark.

Because during the tour, fans were banned from bringing cameras and capturing images of his Star Wars-esque show he now wants to release a book so that fans can quench their thirst for more Kanye.

Kanye sure is dibble dabbling in a little bit of everything these days. Next thing you know, he might just put out a magazine. Hey why stop there why not build your own car Kanye! And call it the Kanye spaceship. Either way kudos to him! The tour was something very different and phenomenal and deserves it's own book. I love to see people strive for the stars and this man clearly knows no limits.

The book Glow In The Dark will hit store shelves in October. It will retail at $50.


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