Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy Extravaganza Pics!

The Grammy's are in full effect, and artists and celebrities are all over Hollywood like white on rice. Here are some pics of some of these artists at the 2009 Grammy Salute To Industry Icons honoring Clive Davis. Here are the pics!

The love canaries..[caption] Rihanna: " Uh, we can smile and sh*t now but you do know we need to talk about them loosey goosey's I saw photo's of all up on your reeses piece's in Europe right?"

Chris: Now snukums, you know I don't love them mini's, now gimme some tongue...

Ummm..who's the guy in the back fighting to get him some camera time? that you? Where have you been?!

Jennifer Hudson and Keyshia ladies look uncomfortable. Maybe the two of you can discuss working together, that would be super cool.

Side Order: Must be nice...I hear Whitney put it down last night! The Grammy's might just be worth watching this year. I'm more curious in M.I.A. going into labor during her performance of "Swagga Like Us".


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