Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Diddy says tell-all book is full of lies!

The tell-all book Dancing With The Devil written by Mark Curry, that was suppose to rock Hip Hop but instead caused a little tremble is being denied by Diddy. In an interview with the NY Post, Diddy's rep says that the book was created because Mark Curry is a disgruntled bitter ex-employee that was cut from Bad Boy because they no longer needed his services.

Here's what Diddy's rep had to say,

"This is a work of fiction, filled with lies, written by a disgruntled former artist. He was properly credited for the two songs he wrote and never produced any other material worthy of release by Bad Boy".

In my humble opinion, I happen to think that the book is right on point. It's no secret that there appears to be some shady business going on behind close doors at Bad Boy Records. Every artist signed to the label all seem to be successful for a certain amount of time and then somehow they all run into a dead end with their careers, all but Diddy of course.


I guess we'll just have to see what gets exposed next.

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