Friday, January 30, 2009

Video: Jazmine Sullivan-Lions, Tigers, and Bears

Let me just say that I absolutely adore this song, I mean this is my jizzam for real, for real! Here's a treat, the new video for Jazmine Sullivan's single "Lions, Tigers, and Bears" off of her album Fearless in stores now.

The video is hot! I love the play on colors cause' as you can see I got a thing for colors lol and the whole aura in the video is creative and original. The tiger was a great touch and I loved the shadow-esque violins I thought it was so beautiful how they played on the things that were so present in the actual song.

It's like...

for the soul.

I knew that Jazmine was here to stay and I am rooting for her to get herself one of those Grammy's.

I give this video a yummy A+ for artistic presence and a breath of fresh music.

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