Thursday, January 15, 2009


Laura Izibor and her song "From My Heart To Yours". So there I was watching my nightly VH1 Soul and there appears a woman with a beautiful melodic voice.

At first I thought it was Joss Stone (my other favorite) but this voice was just a bit more soulful and lively.

If you are not familiar with this name get acquainted because mark my words this girl is going far. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Laura brings to us in the states something sweet and soul quenching.

Her sound and words are like a yummy dessert to the ears and a well needed talent boost to the industry. Check out her song "From My Heart To Yours", I promise you'll fall in love :-)

From My Heart To Yours - Laura Izibor

Make sure to visit Laura on myspace @ and her website @


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