Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review: I'm Addicted To 'Michael Jackson The Experience'

The very first time advertisements for Michael Jackson’s new game Michael Jackson The Experience began airing, I knew that I needed to get my hands on it along with many other fans I’m sure. It was initially only available for Wii in November 2010 but I didn’t get it until earlier this year.

But when I finally popped it into my Wii, I wasn’t at all prepared for the new addiction I would have to tend to. The game is literally hard to put down once you start. You do one song and then another and before you know it you’re trying to catch your breath, your arm is telling you to stop it already, and you’re still like "this is my last game" and it isn't...addictive, yes?

It is a bit different than how you used to follow Michael’s moves while watching him on TV and that’s because it’s far better.

Now, if you’re the type of person that likes to plant your hind parts on your couch and swing your arms hoping it will suffice and abhor breaking a sweat or two, this game might be a bit much for you. But if you are the total opposite of the aforementioned, be ready to get MJ’ed.

Though most of the game sees you the player performing the moves you see Michael perform on screen (in the game, he is considered a mirror reflection of yourself and you have to copy his every move), there are some songs such as “Dirty Diana” and “Beat It” that is duo (for duets) and can be played with a second player.

Visually, the game passes the test that I’m sure Michael would OK, as we all are aware of his attention to detail. The preciseness of the dance moves rely mostly on how in sync you move with his signature sparkly white glove. And you are rated on a star scale that ranges from 1-5.

I’ve gotten all of the songs down pack; however, the dance moves for “Remember the Time” is truly no damn joke.

My only gripe with Michael Jackson The Experience is that sometimes the game doesn’t pick up on the accuracy of a dance move and trust when I say, I, along with others that play it, hit those marks.

Overall, the game is worth every penny and I could see this being a trend among artists who decide to release dance video games – surprisingly an untapped market among music artists.

Though Michael Jackson The Experience debuted exclusively as a game for Wii, today (April 12) the game is now available for XBOX 360’s Kinect and PlayStation 3’s PlayStation Move.

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