Monday, January 10, 2011

Listen: A Snippet Of Foxy Brown's 'Massacre' (Lil Kim Diss)

A snippet of Foxy Brown's diss record to Lil Kim titled "Massacre" has leaked online.

The track that was originally scheduled to drop Christmas Eve was reportedly postponed because Brown was mourning the lost of a friend.

Because it's a snippet I am going to reserve my thoughts till I hear the entire thing. But just judging on what is offered, this one was probably better off not being released at all.

Though some people will slam Foxy for coming at Lil Kim with this stale beef, I see exactly what Foxy was thinking. There's no better way to get your name back out there than to team up with what's hot right now. Being that Nicki Minaj is the talk of the town and is openly beefing with Kim, the wise thing to do would be to be in Minaj's corner, hoping for a collaboration...of course without seeming like that's the motive.

Unfortunately, I think Nicki is too busy being famous to be bothered *shrugs*.

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