Thursday, December 16, 2010

[NEWS] DMX Heads Back To Jail For One Year

According to reports, DMX has been sentenced to one year behind bars after a judge revoked his probation.

The sentence came as a result of X's arrest in November after he abused prescription drugs without a prescription and  failed to check in with his probation officer.
The one year jail sentence was handed down to the troubled rapper today (December 16) in Arizona.

DMX will return to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Tent City Jail where he will serve his time sporting a pink stripped jail suit -- something that annoyed the rapper in the past.

At this point, I think it's clear to see that DMX has serious problems that are being overlooked, and repeatedly sending him to jail for said problems is like continuously putting a band aid on a wound instead of finding a way to heal it.

But I guess he would have to want to help himself first.

There really is nothing else to say here...

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