Saturday, September 18, 2010

[NEWS] Rihanna's People Are Not Pleased With 'Who's That Chick' leak

It seems Rihanna's label are in a tizzy over the unauthorized leak of her music video "Who's That Chick."

The video that could rival a skittles implosion was allegedly only supposed to be a club single used for promotional purposes for her upcoming album Loud. Rihanna's label released a statement yesterday stating,

"Its a leak,defjam is pulling it down as fast as possible. The song is not a single-4 the clubs only." {Source}

According to some reports, the label is unsure if the single will be a part of the track listing for Rihanna's Loud -- which is due in stores November 16.

What I find interesting is that they have not begun promoting this new I underestimating Rihanna's fan base?

I always thought that artists began promoting their projects at least 3 months sometimes even longer before the release date. It appears Rihanna can announce that she is releasing an album a week before it comes out and it will sell, or will it?

The only single we have from her is "Only Girl (In The World)" and I personally am not impressed. Let's see what we will get in the coming weeks.

Here is the video for "Who's That Chick" -- watch it while you can.

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