Monday, September 27, 2010

[NEWS] Get Tatted Up Like Beyonce With Her New Temporary Tattoo Line

Looking to expand on her brand, Beyonce and co. are launching a temporary tattoo line courtesy of Dereon. According to mama Knowles, the tattoo line was created after they realized that the temp tattoos adorned by Beyonce for her fall/winter 2010 ad campaign were appealing and might draw interest from the singer's fans and admirers.

Dereon's temporary tattoo line will hit online and store shelves November 1 and will be available for $16 for the basic kit that includes eight tattoos as well as the deluxe kit, which will sell for $34, and will offer the tattoos along with a signed photo and a chance to win a trip to New York.

Though temporary tattoos sound cheesy and outdated to me it will be great for those who are looking to change up their look for a day or two. Besides, it's Beyonce. She can sell tap water in a pretty bottle and that ish will sell like hot cakes so bravo.

The temp tattoos are said to last on the body for two to five days and are waterproof.

You can get your hands on the tats when they launch on November 1 by visiting or

Photo: Dereon

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