Monday, September 27, 2010

Fresh-Picked Talent: Chris Akinyemi - The Reviver

Every once in a while, we as music fans come across new talent that manages to stand above the rest. Musically Yummy gets hordes of e-mails from new artists looking to get their names out there and their feet wet in the industry.

One thing that seems to be the lesson that takes time (and experience) for them to learn,  is that they have to work on breaking new ground by being visionaries looking past what is deemed hot right now.

They do this by providing a musical sound and message that is seldom offered and when they do it, they do it well.

One of those artists is Chris Akinyemi a new artist who originates from New Jersey. The 20-year old singer is bringing with him a style of music that narrates as well as entertains. You can't help but to be all ears when he belts his first note. Perhaps it's his mellow but soothing vocals or could it be his personable lyrics that feel like he is talking directly to you?

Whatever it is, Chris is bringing something new. And although the talks about how redundant radio has become well, redundant; Chris offers a song (a good one at that) that is a solution to the problem instead of just another complaint that leads to nowhere.

Check out the video for Chris Akinyemi's song "Radio."

You can download your copy of "Radio" on iTunes. Learn more about Chris by visiting his Myspace (

"Radio" will appear on Akinyemi's first EP, Autumn, that is scheduled for release later this year.

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