Monday, August 23, 2010

Lauryn Hill Wows Crowd At 'Rock The Bells' In California [Videos]

I'm warning you guys from now that so long as Lauryn Hill is doing sporadic random performances, please believe there will be a spot on this here blog for her. I've been waiting too long feeling like a child that had her clothes pack waiting to be picked up only to be told said person isn't showing up.

Now that they have decided to show up, it's time to play!

Moving on...

Lauryn Hill performed at Rock the Bells in San Bernadino, California over the weekend and thanks to some shaky videos from concertgoers, we get to see Ms. Hill in action. The videos aren't the best, but this is the best we could do folks.

Some of the songs performed by Lauryn were "Lost Ones", "Turn Your Lights Down Low", "Ex-Factor", and "Zion" to name a few.

Check out some of her performances after the jump.

"Lost Ones"

"Turn Your Lights Down Low"


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