Wednesday, August 25, 2010

9 Years Later And We Are Still Missing Aaliyah

Every year when this date rolls around following singer Aaliyah's sudden passing on August 25, 2001, a little part of me hurts. No, I didn't know Aaliyah Dana Haughton personally never got a chance to meet her; but I have always been a fan and felt a connection to her via her music.

I can remember my cousin and I staying up late at her house in Queens, NY requesting Aaliyah's video for her song "If Your Girl Only Knew" on Video Music Box -- this was like the 106th and Park of the 90's.

Anyway, she was a singer that a lot of us 80's babies and 90's darlings could connect with because she was young, authentic, and maintained the two things we loved most about her; her originality and distinctive beauty.

The day I found out Aaliyah had passed away I was sitting in front of my old rusty ass computer *snicker* on AOL because at the time Instant Messaging was the ish. It was the Twitter of the 90's, don't judge me.

When I glanced at my television screen (the channel was on MTV), I read the words scrolling across the screen. It read that Aaliyah had passed away after being involved in a plane crash in the Bahamas. I thought it was a joke. I felt it was a joke because literally a couple of days before her trip to the Bahamas, she revealed excitedly on an episode of 106th and Park that she was heading down to the island to record her video for "Rock The Boat."

Nothing seemed odd about her appearance; in fact, during her visit she gifted a black Cadillac Escalade to a contest winner. He's probably cherishing that ride to this day, or I hope he is.

Her passing (I refuse to say death because I know her spirit still roams) came as a complete shock but it was the way it happened that hurt the most.

Aaliyah has left behind an impressive collection of music that continues to be the favorite of people both young and old. Her place in music can never be filled and thankfully a lot of artists know this which is why they continue to pay respect.

Her style was untouchable and her energy was equally unforgettable. She won't be forgotten not only because her music continues to be played but because she made an impact in music that is still alive even after her demise.

RIP Aaliyah, you are missed and always remembered.

Check out an episode of Aaliyah's MTV Diary which was filmed months before her passing.

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