Thursday, July 22, 2010

[NEWS] Spike Lee On Directing Rick Ross Video: 'I Don't Know Where That Came From'

Rick Ross has been throwing around the idea that acclaimed director Spike Lee will be directing one of his music video's off of his album Teflon Don. Ross suggested that Lee would direct the video for his song "Live Fast, Die Young" that features Kanye West when he tweeted a pic (as seen above) of he and Spike about a month ago.

Rick recently announced that Hype Williams will direct the video for "Live Fast, Die Young" instead; however, in the same interview Rick suggested that Spike would instead direct another one of the videos for a song off of the album.

In Rick Ross' words,

"Yeah, the homie Yeezy, we decided on Hype Williams. Hype Williams will direct 'Live Fast, Die Young," he revealed. "Hit me up on Twitter @rickyrozay, and the reason I say that, I tweeted a picture of me and the homie Spike Lee. He came to my birthday party. I was brainstorming, like, 'We need that different vibe.' I tweeted a picture with me and the homie Spike. Ultimately, Hype will direct it. But look for Spike to do a Rozay video. I'mma be the first since [Public Enemy's] 'Fight the Power' and the other great [videos he directed back in the day]." {Source}

In an interview with Black Voice's Amanda Diva a couple of weeks ago, Spike appeared to be a bit confused about the rumors.

In Spike's words,

"I keep getting this stuff that Rick Ross says I'm doing a video. I don't know where that came from. I met the man one time...I haven't even heard the song either."

Perhaps it was just wishful thinking on Rick's part, there's nothing wrong with thinking big. Maybe Spike will be interested in helping Rick's dream come true after seeing how adamant he is about him directing his video...

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