Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello, Goodmorning From Diddy + What Is His Biggest Business Mistake? [Video]

That up there is a photo taken from the August 2010 issue of GQ.

People have been slamming the photo saying that it isn't appropriate for a man of his status and age to swing from a chandelier. I can appreciate the tacky but fun nature of this photo. I would probably do the same (sans crotch shot) if I had as many 0's in my bank account.

Plus he's just being himself, so swing on Sean.

Meanwhile over at Fuse...

Diddy sat down with Toure for On The Record With Fuse. In the interview, Diddy spoke about how he came up with the name for his group Dirty Money, Biggie's final decision that cost him his life, why haters hate along with other interesting topics.

In one of the questions, Diddy was asked what his biggest business mistake was and he said...

"I think one of my biggest business mistakes was not realizing that everybody wasn't like me. Everybody didn't have the drive and determination; everybody's just not built for that. I think that some people need more time, and more nurturing...I mean artists that I've had. I've gotten older, I've become a little bit more nurturing and I've been a little more patient."

I hear Diddy only sleeps 3 hours a night so I can see why people can't keep up.

Anyway, check out the video of the interview when you...

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