Monday, June 7, 2010

Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj: Making Sense Out Of This Senseless Beef

From early last week, the net has been left buzzing after a video of Lil Kim showed the Brooklyn rapper ripping off a colorful wig from her head and tossing it into a crowd of fans right before saying that "she is so above it." Everyone assumed that she was referring to Nicki Minaj and the constant "she swagger jacked Lil Kim's style" talk.

The supposed beef was taken a step forward after Nicki posted a tweet that seemed to address the situation with Lil Kim with Nicki saying "Raise ya hand if u don't have 2 diss ppl to feel better about urself. Jealousy is a disease. It kills @ a fast pace. Kisses 2 my bad b*tches."

Well, it looks like Lil Kim has decided to stop subliminally dissing Nicki and to come right out and say it: she's mad because she feels Nicki jacked her style and has not payed homage for it.

In a recent radio interview, Lil Kim revealed that the reason why she is coming at Nicki as of late is because Nicki has taken her style and has claimed to be the creator of the "Barbie movement" when she was the one who started it.

I think this entire beef is just a bit silly.

There are hardly many female rappers in the genre who are commercially appealing and the two that are want to beef... over style no less?

Lil Kim seems to be innovative and with that said, if I were her I would just let Nicki have the style that was made popular years ago. This so called "Barbie movement" in reality wasn't made popular by neither one of them we can thank Mattel for that because without them none of this would even be possible to debate over.

Side Note: I am shocked none of the representatives of Mattel have come forward to ask for their cut of the pay for the use of their brand...

What I suppose happened here is that Lil Kim did not expect for Nicki to blow up the way that she did which is probably why she didn't really care when Nicki posed in the same squatted position Kim posed in over a decade ago. So because of Nicki's increase in popularity, Lil Kim wants her credit and she wants it now.

Fans are beginning to take sides and are saying that Lil Kim is old (she's 34) and needs to fall back. Music observers blame her lack of released music as the reason why her words have no merit.

Truth be told, at this point it is anybodies game. Nicki Minaj has yet to release an album and her first solo single failed to chart, the same can be said about Lil Kim. The only difference here is that Lil Kim has more seniority in the genre and more albums under her belt.

We'll have to see if there is any music that comes out of this and if it does it better not be on some Rick Ross/50 Cent You Tube cat fight ish. It have better be on some "Takeover/Ether" biz, if not I'm not interested.

This argument over style is getting pretty stale ladies.

Hey, I wonder what Eve is doing right now...

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GangStarr Girl said...

Lil Kim is petty and too old for this. There's nothing worse than an older woman who had her time to shine, hating on a younger one. But anyway, I came by to say thanks for your kind words on my blog. I really appreciate it. Seriously.

Samantha G said...

Thanks, it was no problem! Keep up the great work and hurry back and post :-P

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