Monday, June 21, 2010

Death Rumors About The Game Proven False: There Were Death Rumors?

It was surprising to learn that there were death rumors floating around about rapper The Game being murdered in LA last night. I'd like to think that I keep my nose in just about everything so it is surprising to see this fly way over my head and I'm assuming others.

According to AllHipHop - that obtained a statement from The Game - the rumors ran ramped after it was the top trend in Google, hmmm...

Anyhow, this is what The Game had to say about the rumors...just before promoting his album,

"All these rumors that I've been shot are phony just like half the rappers in the game," Game told in an exclusive statement. "I'm still here, promoting my R.E.D. Album, so when it drops, go get it or else you might end up dead like me (laughs)." {Source}

Well, at least he's making the best out of the situation *scratches head*.

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