Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Christina Aguilera Is Jacking Rihanna's Style Not Lady Gaga's, Says Stylist

And here we are again. Rihanna's stylist Mariel Haenn spoke with the NY Daily News about Christina Aguilera's current brand of style.

The newly adopted daring chic (borderline street walker) that almost every artist is flocking to is a reminiscent one for Chrisitina who explored it once before during her Stripped days.

Anyhow, Mariel explained to the paper that the spikes and black patent leather is not a style that Lady Gaga made popular but more so a style that Rihanna has made her signature.

In her words,

"Seeing stuff − the black patent leather, the tutus and the spikes - reminds me of Rihanna more than Gaga."

I see it this way. If the clothes are not custom made for said artists and there is more than one on the rack, it's fair game.

All this swagger jacking talk is played. Christina should just go Back To Basics, literally and figuratively. Maybe then they'll leave that child alone...

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