Friday, June 18, 2010

NEWS // BET To Give Another Michael Jackson Tribute At This Year's Award Show

We all are well aware of the hot boiling mess that took place at last year's BET Awards. In an effort to pay homage to Michael Jackson who had passed away just 3 days before the award show was to take place, BET scraped half of their original performance line up to accommodate performances that would pay tribute to the King of Pop.

Though it wasn't so bad, it was a train wreck and BET is looking to redeem themselves.

According to, BET will dust themselves off and try again as they attempt to pay tribute to Michael again. It isn't clear how exactly they will do this but it was stated that the Jackson family will be in attendance again this year.

I feel BET got a little over their heads in a rush to be the first award show to pay tribute to Michael - which is why it didn't turn out so great.

Instead of having a bunch of weird dedication performances, it would have been cool to just fill the stage with music's hottest acts and have them perform a medley of Michael's classics together, while images and captured moments of Michael played in the background on a jumbotron.

Simple but also grand, that would have been heaven.

For me, I just haven't been satisfied with any of the Michael Jackson tributes besides the one for his memorial service.

Hopefully this tribute from BET will be different from the rest and blow us away...

Speaking of MJ, if you are in the New York area 103.5 KTU is making June 25th "MJ All Day." To commemorate the one-year anniversary of his death, the station will play the songs performed by Michael from his days as a Jackson 5 to the songs that marked his comeback.

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