Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Will BET Ban Chris Brown's Video For 'No Bullsh*t'?

Chris Brown released a new video for his song "No Bullsh*t" yesterday showing the once deemed "boy next door" getting sensual and sexual with his co-star.

The lyrics are a dead giveaway to what the video has to offer so of course some fans weren't too surprised to see Chris turn his sexy way up for the cameras.

For the other music lovers who didn't know Chris had it in him, (even after "Take You Down") they probably had their interest turned up a few notches watching Chris kiss and lick his co-star as they got touchy feely from the bed to the shower.

Surprisingly, the video is already drawing comparisons to Trey Songz and his newly adopted angle of simulating sex in his videos. Though it is obvious why they would compare the two (for the most part Trey is the only artist that is exercising his sexual side in videos as of late) Trey isn't the first artist to do it and he won't be the last.

With the release of Chris' new sexually charged video, questions are starting to bubble beneath the surface about whether his "No Bullsh*t" video will be banned on BET.

The network reportedly banned Ciara's video for her song "Ride" because of its raunchy nature, I suppose. That reason came off as weird considering that there have been videos that have crossed the boundary of raunchy year's ago.

With that said, since Chris' video is a bit on the wild side, does this mean that the only place we will be able to view it is on the internet?

It definitely isn't kid friendly, nor do I think it was intended to be (check the title). Then again, BET isn't really kid friendly either anymore...

Only time will tell if Chris will receive the same censor Ciara has.

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