Saturday, May 29, 2010

NEWS // You Know, Not Everyone Is A Beyonce Fan...

...And one of those people is a guy that had a chance meeting with the singer and now wants to sue her for making him lose money and sleep.

Here's the story. A gentleman named Phillip Markowitz alleged in a lawsuit that Beyonce and her filming crew woke him out of bed at 7 am and made his day a living nightmare as they "invaded his neighborhood" and blocked his driveway.

Phil also claims that Beyonce and her crew who were filming the video for her song "Why Don't You Love Me?" caused him to miss several business calls because he was too busy arguing with them.

By 11:30 am Phillip demanded to be compensated for them trespassing on his property and for them acting like Samuel L. Jackson's character in Lakeview Terrace. According to him, his property is often used and he usually receives $10,000 for them to do that.

The answer Beyonce's crew gave Phillip Markowitz was a big "no" due to their shoot being low budget.

Phil ain't having it so he is suing Beyonce and the production company for "unspecified damages."

I have a question. Where have you been Phil? The video was shot way in March and you just started to feel the need for pay?

Phil was supposed to get a drinking straw or at least some panties used by Beyonce to put on eBay. Who knows how much he could have got for it? Somebody paid $28,000 in 2004 on a grill cheese sandwich that beared the image of the Virgin Mary.

On another note, I can feel Phil on all of this. I don't like my sleep to be tampered with either. But he probably should have acted quick on this...


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