Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kanye West Comes Back Swinging With 'Power'

When I first found out that a Kanye West track had hit the faucet, I was too excited for words. I have been patiently waiting for all the banter to die down regarding him and the VMA's and was ready for attention to be payed to his music.

I of course couldn't get the track to my ears on time because I was too busy trying to dodge a $40 charge for Shrek (another story for another time) but I told myself that the minute I could, I would listen and write a post about it.

Fast forward to today, I hear the track and am unsurprisingly blown away.

Kanye channeled all of the frustration he has experienced since last year and pours it out on this one track.

One of the things that I like about Kanye is that he is just as much a great producer as he is a rapper. Though he had some help from a producer that goes by the name S1, Kanye has an ear for songs, songs that most people wouldn't think to sample.

The track is insane and Kanye just might have done the job of bombarding his way back into music fans hearts.

Oh and by the way, this track has not been mixed yet. This is just a rough copy, can you imagine what it's going to sound like after they put work in on it?

"Power" will reportedly appear on his forthcoming album Good Ass Job - which is scheduled for release in September 2010.

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