Friday, May 21, 2010

Did We Forget To Acknowledge That Melanie Fiona Is Getting Deserved Recognition?

BET has been getting a pretty bad rap following the announcement of this year’s nominees. Yes, some of the nominees had no business being on the list but hey, we are here now and perhaps we should try to see the positive in it all.

One of those positives is Melanie Fiona – a great singer with a great voice that is nominated for 4 awards this year.

 Not too many people care about award shows anymore and that has a lot to do with award shows not giving certain artists their just dues. Artist that should be nominated aren’t, kind of like how Monica was snubbed out of the Best R&B Artist category.

In this case, I am stoked that Melanie Fiona is nominated and hopefully she can walk away with at least one award.

For an artist that rose to fame just a year and a half ago, the fact that Melanie’s talents have earned her reason to be awarded is a big deal.

Not to mention that she is nominated for the same amount of awards as Beyonce who’s been doing this for some time now. Granted Beyonce hasn’t released any work in the past year, Melanie going head to head with a performer that has been deemed as the best, only proves that her success will experience growth.

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