Thursday, April 1, 2010

Video Premiere: Nicki Minaj (feat. Sean Garrett) 'Massive Attack'

Here is the new video from Nicki Minaj for her song "Massive Attack" that features Sean Garrett. This single is said to be her official single though many have said that it is just a buzz single.

The video has a lot going on and is definitely on the strange which I'm sure was the overall goal. Most of the video is filmed in the desert and there is a cameo by Kanye's boo Amber Rose.

For a Hype Williams video it was OK compared to his past work. To me the real star of the video was the pink Lamborghini.

Not a fan of the song at all but Nicki showed character in the video which I'm sure her fans will be happy with. Hopefully, there will be better singles than this on her album.

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