Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Could the Beyonce pregnancy rumors actually be true?

Now, I'm not one to fan the fires of rumors only because most of the time they are there for pure entertainment and comedy, but something is telling me that the pregnancy rumors that were unleashed last month might have a  little validity to it.

The site that reported on the rumor is notorious for posting a whole lot of cheese lies so it would come as no surprise why many just brushed off the rumor. Plus, they are always saying that Beyonce is pregnant only to see her perform on stage dropping and swinging her hair from left to right without missing a beat; actions that a pregnant woman wouldn't be advised to do.

Of course, reps from Beyonce denounced those rumors stating that it was untrue.

What I found to be interesting is that less than a week later, Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted in the club "sipping" on champagne, Ace of Spades to be exact. I know that it was Ace of Spades only because the bottle was appropriately photoed with the champagnes label in plain sight. Beyonce was photoed holding a glass of champagne, but there were no photos of her actually drinking it.

People are saying that she is egging on the rumors by showing up in public hiding her stomach and what have you and I believed it, but Beyonce has officially been placed on baby bump watch because her latest outfit has me confused.

Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted out in NYC Easter Sunday leaving a restaurant after grabbing a bite to eat and to my surprise, Beyonce was not wearing her signature skyscraper stilletos. Not to mention that she was looking unlike herself.

Fine, I might be looking too much into it, but something is definitely looking different about Mrs. Knowles-Carter.

Only time will tell if it's true or false. This could just be her way of using the rumors to her own advantage. I hear they have fun doing that kind of stuff, I would too. But I'm not convinced, we'll check back in 3 months.

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