Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Billboard Reminds Us Of What Robin Thicke Used To Look Like

I almost forgot how much of a change Robin Thicke has made over the years...

I remember a few years back hearing a song titled "When I Get You Alone" on the radio that sampled the classic Beethovan Symphony No. 5.

The song was recorded by an artist known as Thicke.

When I finally saw the video I was a little disappointed to see the unkempt face behind the voice. I brushed it off and knew that-that look was not going to get him far, but still loved his voice and the song even more.

4 years later, the man known as just Thicke reemerges with a new look, new album and a new name. Ironically enough, Robin Thicke's album name was The Evolution of Robin Thicke and the title stayed true to the circumstances.

Billboard.com took it back by posting his old picture next to his song "Sex Therapy" - which is currently sitting pretty at number 3 on their Hot Hip-Hop and R&B songs chart.

If I wasn't introduced to the music of Thicke in 2002 I probably would not believe that this was the debonair Robin Thicke I know now.

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