Saturday, March 6, 2010

Video Director Wants Nicki Minaj To Come Clean + Nicki's Photo Spread In Fader Magazine

I'm not sure if you would call him a video director with the video needing very little direction but hey, a name is a name.

In December of last year there were some rumors bubbling about Nicki Minaj and if she was or was not involved in a video that was recorded in 2004. The video showed a female who many identify as being "butch" bragging about her sexual prowess with Bronx rapper Remy Ma.

I recall watching the video when the DVD first came out and remembered thinking that the girl, who supposedly went by "Nicki", was the highlight of the whole thing because she was so animated. I also found it entertaining because I didn't think any of it was true, but I digress.

Fast forward to present times where Nicki Minaj is being pointed out as the butch in the video even when she has said that it was not her.

The video's director, Cliffy Barz, spoke with and expressed that he thinks that Nicki Minaj needs to come clean and admit if it was or wasn't her in the video.

All I heard was she made a response on Twitter kinda laughing about the whole situation and that’s what my informants have told me," Cliffy said. "But basically, if it was Nicki, I would like Nicki to holla at me and reach out and let me know if that was her that I filmed back in the day because I showed love to everybody, she’s grown up now, she can show love to me. Like I said, the girl was brought to me as Nicki way, way back in 2004 getting into 2005 when I filmed it, I only seen that girl one time. She came on the show, said what she had to do, disappeared for a couple of years and now everybody’s saying it’s Nicki Minaj.

I’m not surprised if it could have been Nicki because the show, everybody was talking about it at the time. It could have been but I don’t know. If it was her, she’s the only one that needs to come out and speak…She needs to come out and speak.

Nicki really doesn't need to do anything, but it would be nice if the person that was filmed - if it were not her - would come out and claim their shine. Not too many people are running away from their 15 minutes of fame when it's being handed out like government cheese now and days, so what's the hold up?

Meanwhile, photos from Nicki's spread in Fader Magazine have been released and she looks paid without a bill in the world.



I like the more calmed down Nicki Minaj that looks like a real person and less of a Mattel product.

Those boots are so fly it might need its own passport.

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