Monday, March 1, 2010

New Music: Ciara Gets Cocky On 'I'm Up In The Bank'

Here is new music from Ciara titled "I'm Up In The Bank" that is scheduled to be released on her new album that has a tentative release date set for this summer.

Not to be harsh but this is a no,no.

I'm practically begging at this point for Ciara to have me in the studio so that we can have a heart-to-heart talk about her decline from grace.

It has to be said that this this song has yet to be mastered, it is still a rough draft, a demo if you may. But even in the state that it is in, this is just  a flop just waiting to happen if the rest of the songs on the album sound like this.

What makes "I'm Up In The Bank" even worse is the fact that our girl is cocky all over the track which probably won't sit well with music fans. This new album is going to make it clear of she has any hope of regaining her multi-platinum artist status and singles like this ain't gonna cut it.

I knew when I found out that The Dream would be behind this project there would be some problems; why is he all over the track with his Rihanna circa "Umbrella" sounds? And please do not say that this is his signature sound, there is nothing signature about sounding like a wounded ostrich in heat, I'm sorry. His sound is great for some people but really not for all.

Ciara can do better than this, I just know it.

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