Monday, March 8, 2010

Kanye West Makes An Appearance At The Oscars...Well, Not Quite

Last night the 82nd annual Academy Awards aired on ABC and it was actually not boring this year.

Though ABC was holding their channel hostage from the NYC subscribers of Cablevision due to their behind the door battle that somehow spilled out to the likes of us, I was still able to see some great moments like Mo'Nique winning her first Oscar and Sandra Bullock finally getting the respect that she deserves by taking home her very first gold man.

One of the moments of the night that stood out to me most was when director Roger Ross Williams of the documentary Music By Prudence was up on stage accepting his award and Elinor Burkett - who was the producer of the film - jumped on stage in the middle of his speech (uninvited I'm sure) to state her piece rudely interrupting Williams.

It turns out these two had some issues regarding the film, but the thing that made me shake my head, was when Roger was interviewed about the incident, he made reference to Kanye by saying that Elinor "pulled a Kanye."


So I guess we are not going to leave the Kanye West VMA bombardment alone...ever.

Did we not go over my post on the Kanye West jokes needing to cease? Kanye was at the Oscars without even being at the Oscars.

At least one thing has come of it, he is being mentioned in corners that he has nothing to do with.

Kanye, you are officially a verb.

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