Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dru Hill is back...do we care?

Yesterday, I caught an episode of 106th and Park after vowing not to watch the BET video countdown show due to the videos and songs being...well...wack. But yesterday I decided to check in.

90's R&B super group Dru Hill stopped by the show to debut their new video for their song "Love MD."

While watching the 4 men discuss their new projects and why they were returning to R&B, I thought to myself is there any room for Dru Hill in R&B today? Their styles seem to be the same with the exception of Nokio - who had a more subtle look way back when. He has decided to switch it up with a purple peacock look to, in my opinion, compete with Sisqo to see who could look more foolish.

To me, Nokio doesn't have the personality to pull that look off. It seems forced, but I digress.

Their new song "Love MD" seems to have potential and they might be ahead of the competition as there aren't many all male groups currently holding it down in the genre or any genre for that matter.

Dru Hill are not using any studio manipulation on their vocals and their acapella is pretty good. If their fan base is still sticking like glue as they should be and those who are looking for a different sound are willing to let Dru Hill into their iPods, there might just be some hope for the group.

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