Monday, March 15, 2010

Did MTV Ban Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' Video?

Can't say that I didn't see this coming....

The talk of the net since Thursday has been centered around the video premiere for Lady Gaga's song "Telephone." For weeks, Lady Gaga's camp have been teasing fans by releasing snapshots of the two powerhouses on the set of the video, reving up anticipation for a video that was being touted as epic.

Bite Sized Fact: Beyonce never said that-that was Sasha Fierce in the video, unless of course I missed something. She did, however, say that she killed her a while back *shrugs* 

After the video premiered, highlighting a fantasy type jail, kissing girls, Beyonce cussing and death, many fans and music observers were left clutching their pearls in shock at how much Gaga pushed the limits.

According to CNN, it seems like MTV was not feeling the new edge and has decided to ban the "Telephone" video.

Oh, that's funny, I didn't even know MTV still remembered what music videos were...silly me.

I assumed that this would happen because of the f bombs that were dropped as well as the glorifying of poisoning. Not to mention, Gaga's allergies to being fully cloth but I thought that MTV would turn a blind eye as this is Gaga's style.

I can't imagine what the video would look like cut down to the appropriate 3 minutes from 10+ minutes.

Well, you know what they say you haven't made it until they ban a video....that's another 2 Grammy's for Gaga.

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