Sunday, March 7, 2010

D'Angelo Busted In NYC For Soliciting Sex

D'Angelo,What were you thinking?

As I was going through my news feeds I nearly choked on my lemon and honey tea when I read the headline that suggested that R&B/Soul singer D'Angelo was arrested for trying to solicit sex from a cop.

The story is that D'Angelo was cruising around in his Range Rover in the Greenwich section of NYC at around 2:30am when he stopped a female cop (that he thought was a prostitute) and offered her $40 to give him oral sex.


What has it come to when D'Angelo, Mr. master of sexy himself has to pay two $20 bills to get some sexual attention?

D'Angelo allegedly had $12,000 tucked in his Range Rover, so it wasn't like he had fallen on hard times or has he?

I was actually hoping that he would get his stuff together and release some good music. There were talks last year that he was embarking on a tour and that an album was in the works but there has been little information made available since then.

He said that he didn't like being viewed as a sex symbol, this latest stunt will definitely make that wish come true.

Oh well, at least we'll always have his "How Does It Feel" video

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