Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chris Brown Is Desperately In Need Of Help

It looks like there is still drama looming over Chris Brown's career and now he is asking for his fans' assistance to help selvage what is left of his career.

It's no secret, people's perceptions of Chris Brown following the physical altercation between he and ex-girlfriend Rihanna has definitely left a damper on his career. Chris claimed last year that retail giant Walmart were refusing to put his album Graffiti on the shelves. He blamed those tactics on the reason why his album didn't perform well on the charts.

Aside from the alleged blackballing that Walmart denies, Chris is now claiming that radio stations are now dissing him and refusing to play his songs.

I can't say that I don't hear a Chris Brown song every once in a while here in NYC. Certain radio shows still play his song "I Can Transform Ya" while others play "Famous Girl" but compared to other artists who get constant rotations within an hour, he's nowhere close to that level.

Because he does this all for the fans, Chris decided to record a message asking his fans to help him in getting his songs played on the radio by requesting his songs in their towns.

“I ain’t never really did this but right now I need all of my fans help. A lot of radio stations aren’t playing my records. They are not being that supportive and I wouldn’t expect them to. It’s on the fans and what you guys do in your power to bring me back. That’s all I need is you guys and nothing else will do that except for the fans. I don’t know what else to say. It’s nothing else that I can do. I’m doing everything that I need to do. I’m doing me as a person and I’m a better guy. It’s on ya’ll. My singing and my music I do it for you guys and everything else but it won’t be possible if I’m not relevant on the radio and it wouldn’t be possible for me to be an artist if I don’t have the support. I can’t be an underground mixtape artist. That’s where we are. I just want all my fans to help me. I love ya’ll. Peace”.
You've really got to do what you've got to do.

Not sure how accurate I am in saying this so don't quote me, but I think Chris needs to take his beef up with his label. Radio stations (the Hip-Hop and R&B stations here in New York) seem to function on a payola though they deny this claim.

What it seems like to me is that the labels pay for a time slot that guarantees that their artist music will get played for a few weeks, and after that time is used up, the radio station starts playing the songs every once in a while instead of repeatedly which has a lot to do with why radio seems to play the same songs all the time resulting in it being wack, but I digress.

I still maintain that Chris Brown's decision to remain in the public eye wasn't a wise one. He was supposed to wait until the dust settled on the situation before he decided to put out an album. With the event still fresh in everyone's memories plus people's lack of interest in purchasing albums especially albums with songs that aren't completely up to par, totaled up to a hot mess in album sales.

Those who know better who are in the public eye that will remain nameless definitely didn't help the situation at all. They constantly painted Chris as a monster that had no hope of ever changing which was wrong on their part.

What Chris Brown did was deplorable, but for them to hinder him from moving on isn't fair or just. It's one thing if he did it and bragged about it with no remorse; but he has been nothing short of apologetic for his actions and yet he still is given hell.

Just as he is feeling his karma for his actions, their karma's are not too far behind for their roles in the aftermath.

I'm just thankful that I have been forgiven for the many mistakes I made in my life that now I see was just a dumb then as it is now, aren't the rest of y'all?

Too bad Chris doesn't have the same privilege *shrugs*.

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