Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Ultimate Sade Post: Sade On 106th and Park, David Letterman And The View

I really had to do it! I was so taken by her newest effort Soldier of Love that I thought it was needed to devote an entire post to her many show appearances that she has done in the past week.

If you haven't picked up your copy of Soldier of Love, please do it is so worth the cash.

Sade has been quite busy these past few days making appearances on shows like The View, David Letterman and 106th and Park....yes, 106th and Park.

Check out the videos of her appearances after the jump.

Sade performs "Soldier of Love" The View

...on David Letterman

Sade performs "Soldier of Love" on 106th and Park and they rolled out the red carpet with an introduction fit for a queen!

Sade's next appearance is scheduled for February 15, 2010 on Ellen.

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